Disk Space Usage for Control Points

By default, both Vista and XP will eventually consume 15% of your C:\ drive for saving Control Point backups.
(Technically, just the system partition is involved, but for most people this is the same as their entire C:\ drive).

While these automatic system backups can be extremely useful for restoring order should disaster strike in the form of a malware infection or other system corruption, 15% of your hard drive is usually way to much disk space to devote to this function. A gigabyte on XP is plenty, and 1 to 2 gigabyes on Vista is more than enough. Vista uses more space because it periodically performs an incremental backup of your system partition (C:\ drive for most people).

Changing this value is easy with XP, but this functionality was removed from Vista (just like so much other functionality was removed from Vista).

The value can still be changed in Vista by executing a special system tool. I've provided a tool that makes using this special tool less technical in nature. (I've also provide instructions for changing this value in XP the easy way.)

Tool For Setting Maximum Restore Point Size on Vista

The tool documented on this page sets the maximum amount of disk space used in the system partition for saving Retore Points on Vista. This tool works only on Vista, and will not work on XP.

This tool has been tested with Windows Vista; nonetheless, there is no warranty implied or otherwise, so use at your own risk. Furthermore, it is always a good idea to create a System Restore Point prior to modifying system information.

OK, now you're ready to download and execute the Vista Restore Point resizing tool.

Download the tool and save it into  the System Root directory. Usually this is C:\Windows (rarely a different drive letter). If you can't find the system root directory, then display it by going to:


and type in:

cmd /k set SystemRoot

and click on OK and a window will pop up that display the System Root directory.

Once the tool has been saved to the System Root directory, go to:


and type in:

cmd /k maxvss.bat


Now, click on OK. The following window will appear:


Type in a number that represents the number of gigabytes you want used for Restore Points and then type Enter. You'll now see:


Setting Maximum Restore Point Size on XP

Go to:

Start->Control Panel

Double-click System in Control Panel to open the System Properties window. Now click on System Restore and you'll see:


Move the Min-Max slider so you have about 1GB and then click OK.