Tools Being Tested for Disabling mobsync.exe on Vista Operating Systems

I'm offering a number of free tools here for dealing with the mobsync.exe issue on Vista systems. These tools have been tested on a Vista Business system and all appear to work there, but they have not been extensively tested on other systems. In particular, I don't know how these tools will behave on other versions, particularly Vista Home Basic and Vista Home Premium, so
I would appreciate feedback at, particulary feedback about problems.

Also, I run my Vista system with UAC disabled, so I don't know what kind of nonsense will ensue if UAC is enabled, such as whether these programs will need to be run as Administrator via right-clicking, or other Vista complications.

The following tool  adds an ACL to mobsync.exe
that denys Traverse/Execute permission fo "Everyone". This prevents mobsync.exe from ever executing for any reason.

Tool to Disable mobsync.exe

Without such drastic measures, e
ven with Offline Files disabled, Indexing disabled and no SyncCenter tasks existing in Task Scheduler, this annoying program is activated whenever I connect a USB drive type of device, and I can't figure out an elegant way to prevent it from executing.  Quite frankly, I don't know why mobsync.exe starts up and what it does when a USB device is connected, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything useful for me, and when I disable it, nothing bad seems to be happening. I can't stand for useless programs to be constantly starting up for no good reaason, and even worse, I hate it when I can't stop such useless activity. But then that's Vista for you: massive amounts of useless activity and no way to stop it. BTW, I don't actually use Vista for my own work since it's such a piece o' crap; I just run it occasionally so I can support my customers who got tricked into buying it.

(BTW, if you want to use Vista Offline Files synchronization for any reason, you obviously wouldn't want to disable mobsync.exe.)

The next tool undoes what the previous tool does, that is, it removes the Traverse/Execute deny ACL for "Everyone".

Tool to Re-enable mobysnc.exe

The next group of tools are an attempt to provide an alternative to the "Offline Files" control panel applet that is missing from Vista Home versions. They work on Vista Business just like the Microsoft -provided Offline Files control panel applet, but I don't know if they work on the Vista Home versions, so feedback would be appreciated.

This first tool is simply a standalone Offline Files control tool:

Standalone Offlines Files Control Tool

The next tool actually adds an Offline Files control tool to the Vista Control Panel:

Tool to Add Offline Files Applet to Control Panel

And this last tool removes the Offline Files control tool added by the above tool to the Vista Panel:

Tool to Remove Added Offline Files Control Panel Applet

BTW, just to feel safer, with these latter two tools, you might want to create a System Restore point prior to execution, since they modify the system registry.

Also, you can download and install 7zip (a really great tool) to open these programs and view the component pieces to assure yourself that they are not malware, as well as scan them before opening them with great free programs like Avira AntiVir, Anti-malwarebytes, or others.