Tool For Disabling Genuine Advantage Notification

The tool documented on this page disables the Windows Genuine Advantage Notification program.

This tool modifies the registry and renames system files. It has been tested on both Windows XP and Windows Vista; nonetheless, there is no warranty implied or otherwise, so use at your own risk. Furthermore, it is always a good idea to create a System Restore Point prior to modifying the registry. 

OK, now you're ready to download and execute the WGA-disabling tool.

Download the tool and save it into  the System Root directory. Usually this is C:\WINDOWS or C:\Windows (but sometimes C:\NTWIN, rarely a different drive letter altogether). If you can't find the system root directory, then display it by going to:


and type in:

cmd /k set SystemRoot

and click on OK and a window will pop up that display the System Root directory.

Once the tool has been saved to the System Root directory, go to:


and type in:

cmd /k remwgatray.bat


Now, click on OK. The following window will appear: