Each of the following tools is a self-extracting executable that executes only to extract the tool folder and files.  Execution of the tool itself is a manual operation at the discression of the user.

Documentation of a typical download and execution sequence follows this list of download links.

Download Tool To Change Vista Autotuning Behavior

Download Tool To Disable OR Re-enable Vista IPv6

Download Tool To Disable Microsoft Network Browsing From Checking for Remote Tasks

Download Tool To Increase Internet Explorer Simultaneous Connections to 16

Download Tool To Set Amount of Disk Space Used in Vista for Restore Points and Shadow Backups

Download Tool To Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notification

Download Tool To Change Search All Files Mode in Windows XP

Download Tool To Install Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic (with nag screen disabled)

Download Tool To Disable Avira AntiVir nag screen

Download Tool To Disable Automatic Windows Service Pack Update

Download IperfClient and IperfServer TCP Performance Testers

Download All Tools (old version)

Download All Tools (latest version)

Traversal Function

A typical download and execution sequence follows, using "All Tools" as an example.

After clicking the "All Tools" link, click "Save":

A handy place to save to is the Desktop:

You'll see an Icon like this on the Desktop:

Double-click the Icon and you'll see:

Click Run and you'll see:

The folder has now been extracted to the Desktop:

Click on the folder and you'll see:

As an example, click on ChangeSearchAllFiles, and you'll see:

To run the Enable procedure, click on RunProcedureEnableSearchAllFiles, and you'll see:

Type a y to proceed:

And you're done!