Handy Tools

This page includes downloads and/or links for tools that I have found to be handy.

The first item is a set of shortcuts to various Windows XP system tools that are useful for tracking down problems and tuning poorly performing systems. Except for containing the program TweakUI, eveything else is a shortcut to a tool already included in Windows XP (except Group Policy Editor is found only in XP Pro).  Normal access to these tools is located in a large number of different places, and can be a pain to track down and use through the normal interfaces, thus this set of shortcuts can save a great deal of time and effort. They are particularly handy if temporarily copied or moved to the Desktop during a tuning/debugging session.

Download the self-extracting file and save it somewhere that is handy, say the desktop.  Upon execution, this file produces a folder called Handy_Shortcuts. This folder contains three folders as follows:


The most frequently used tool shortcuts are in the first folder as follows:

The second folder contains some networking tool shortcuts:

And the third folder contains some additional shortcuts: